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Why are people willing to pay $1000 for an Aeron chair?

(from this SA thread)

It depends on what you care about. People have different levels of caring about different things in their life. There’s usually a subset of your possessions for which you’re willing to pay a premium to have the best.

Some people spend $20/lb. on world-class coffee beans. Others spend hundreds of dollars on great wine. And some people spend $600 to get the best video card every 9 months. Most people are perfectly happy with Folger’s, Charles Schwab, and integrated graphics, but to these people, they’re willing to pay whatever it takes to get the best because they can tell the difference (or think they can, which is effectively equivalent) and it matters to them.

I used $30-120 Staples/OfficeMax chairs for years. Even the $120 ones were cheaply made with poor back support, but at the time, I didn’t care. Then I started getting frequent lower-back soreness. I started using an Aeron at work, and the difference was huge. The only reason I haven’t replaced my $30 home computer chair with one is that I only spend an hour or two per day in it.