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A popup?

I just discovered a pop-under ad below my main Firefox window, and it seemed like the most alien thing in the universe. I was honestly surprised, and actually read it because I haven’t seen one in so long.

I’ve nearly forgotten about so many computing hells that plague most users. Popups, spyware, BHOs, Windows Update auto-reboots, drivers, systray clutter, shortcut clutter, installers, uninstallers, Acrobat Reader, Windows’ awful pagefile management, CD-ROM drives falling back to PIO mode, MS Word auto-everything, the Language Bar, reinstalls, recovery discs, recovery partitions, serial numbers, activation, crappy VIA chipsets, PC gaming (crashes, patches, FilePlanet, disc protection), Java Web Start, Java Update, InstallShield Update, QuickTime stealing Winamp’s file extensions, Windows Media Player, Windows Security Center, software firewalls, antivirus software, Norton anything, yellow systray balloons (pop!), slide-up systray squares, and the Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

It’s amazing that so many people tolerate the hell that our industry has forced on them.