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I went with David and Paul to the Fog Creek open house tonight. It went very well.

Joel was less geek-mobbed (and therefore more accessible) than last time, and I got to personally thank Jason of Fog Creek for the outstanding customer service he gave us when we installed FogBugz. And while none of the interns or employees would tell me what they were working on this summer, I have high hopes that I might get at least one of my top two FogBugz feature requests:

  1. A “Resolve and close” button. (Sounds likely.)
  2. When sorting by ascending due date, items without due dates (the empty/null value) are placed on top. I’d like these to be below the dated items, that way I can meaningfully sort the list with the earliest-due (or most-overdue) items on top. (Sounds a lot less likely.)