I’m : a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast. is a spam telemarketer

This stupid company just telemarketed my WHOIS phone number for a recent domain I registered. They were very misleading: they wanted to know if I “had any trouble setting up the new site”, posing as my web host, hoping that I’d realize I had forgotten to pay for it and give them my credit card number to start a redundant account.

Telemarketing is rude, and to this phone number, it violates the National Do-Not-Call Registry. And the scam sounded a lot like phishing to me.

No reputable company would try to defraud consumers like that. And they have to be an incompetent host, so they probably have plenty of downtime and outages. After all, what if they do it to someone whose outbound links carry some weight? Only an idiot would do that.