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Firefox extension development

AATW: “Could someone who knows his/her way around XUL please develop a Tumblr button for Firefox?”

Does the “Share on Tumblr” bookmarklet (Dashboard/Goodies) satisfy your needs?

Firefox is a reasonably good browser, and since it sucks less overall than the others, I use and recommend it. But as a previous Firefox extension author, I wouldn’t wish that duty on anyone.

Firefox’s extension architecture (mostly XUL, RDF, and Javascript) is buggy, slow, half-assed, poorly documented, and needlessly complex.

Firefox is held together by sticks and duct tape, but the Javascript-powered interface usually hides that from users. Once you get into developing extensions, Firefox reveals its ugly guts. I’m amazed it works at all.

I advise that you avoid Firefox extension development unless you need to accomplish something that absolutely isn’t possible with a different technology, such as a bookmarket.