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Delusional features

The Zune’s biggest exclusive feature, WiFi sharing with other Zunes, is a complete non-starter even without its stupid 3-play DRM timebomb.

How many times have you been within WiFi range of another Zune owner?

I ride the NYC subway regularly, and I’ve seen one person using a Zune. Once.


What are the odds that I also had one, and we both had WiFi turned on (it’s usually off since it drains battery life), and we saw each other, and we wanted to talk to each other (both wearing headphones, this is awkward to initiate), and we knew about the WiFi sharing feature, and we had similar musical tastes, and we were willing and able to go through the interface to set up the sharing, and all of this would be justified by our desire to listen to a song 3 times?

I’ll make it easier. Suppose Apple offered it, and it magically worked with all iPods from any generation. How likely is it to happen then?