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Mini-review: the Starbucks “Coffee-Infused Ginger Cookie”. (Also pictured: a Short Americano, the only Starbucks drink that matters, and a steal at just under $2.)

The ginger cookie was invented by the assistant manager, who’s also a great chef, of the 28th-and-Park Starbucks location in Manhattan. The branch’s employees simply call it “The Damian”.

Texture is great. It’s soft, but not mushy.

The ginger taste is very strong and very good. Unlike American “ginger ale”, this actually leaves your mouth and throat slightly burning.

The coffee flavor is nearly undetectable. If the cookie weren’t dark brown, I don’t think I’d even notice a coffee theme.

It’s pretty large, so I recommend sharing.

Overall, while I wouldn’t call it “coffee-infused”, it’s a very good ginger cookie that goes nicely with a good, unsweetened, hot coffee or espresso drink.