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This is so mean… but awesome:

@freeside: we totally xkcd‘ed someone tonight
@freeside: so we were out with the very pretty rene
@freeside: and we were walking around downtown mountain view, which is where the googlers hang out
@freeside: and we walked past the Red Rock Cafe, where they have free wifi.
@freeside: there was a guy sitting in the window with his 17” macbook pro with textmate open and syntax highlighting going gangbusters onscreen
@freeside: and robrt and i looked at it and we were like, “is that java? no… python? no… it’s ruby!”
@freeside: and we said to rene, “okay, listen carefully. we want you to do this:”
@freeside: rene, you understand, is wearing a very girlie-girl outfit, with green hat, and great big eyes
@freeside: so she goes in to the cafe and goes up to the guy and says
@freeside: “excuse me, but are you programming in ruby?”
@freeside: and the guy goes, “huh? what? yes, i am.”
@freeside: and rene says, “right answer!”
@freeside: and she winks at him
@freeside: and turns around
@freeside: and walks out of his life forever.


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