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The Apple “iPhone” will be announced under a different name. It will not, however, be announced at MacWorld in January. It will resemble a larger iPod Nano in the “candy bar” form factor (not a slider or flip-phone), and will serve all Nano functionality but with less memory (probably a 2 GB cap). It will only be available for GSM carriers (not Verizon Wireless or Sprint), and will probably launch as a Cingular exclusive. It will support Bluetooth, but will not support any streaming video or have any video playback capabilities at all. Like iPods, music must be purchased and downloaded with a computer, not directly from the phone. There will not be any short-range sharing technology like the Zune’s WiFi. The phone will cost between $199 and $299 with a 2-year contract.

My predictions for 2007. It’s hilarious how I was dead wrong on nearly everything except the carrier and the presence of Bluetooth.