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Ban non-lethal weapons

I don’t follow most of the controversy about non-lethal weapons (such as the Taser) being overused by police, but this is completely unreasonable. It’s not even an extreme case - it’s just the first one I’ve actually bothered to watch. And it makes me sick.

Police officers have weapons for defense, not punishment. There’s rarely any justifiable reason for a police officer to use a weapon without intending deadly force.

Police shootings are highly investigated and could bring murder or manslaughter charges against the officers if the shooting was negligent or unnecessary. Therefore, except relatively rare mistakes, officers only fire their guns when their lives are in immediate danger (or someone else’s is). They use the same restraint that regular people would use, because they face the same consequences if they get too trigger-happy.

The guy from that video arguing over a speeding ticket was being a difficult smartass. But the officer used extreme physical force against him, a Taser shot, when he had displayed absolutely no threat to the officer whatsoever. (It’s also disturbing that the guy requested to be read his Miranda rights repeatedly during and after his arrest, but the officer seemed to be avoiding it at best. I don’t think the officer knew them.)

This happens all the time.

What criminal charge would I receive for shooting someone with a Taser for being annoying, without having been physically threatened or fearing for my life? Assault? (How about assault with a deadly weapon? After all, Tasers can be deadly.)

When a police officer unnecessarily assaults someone, why isn’t he responsible for his criminal action?

Are police officers charged if they unnecessarily punch someone in the face?