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Jared on this photo (and maybe these from the same shoot):

hey marco, if you see this, let me know what settings you used or post ‘em on your flickr for others to see. those turned out lookin’ pretty good. back in college i used the late-night fog thing for a series of images and found the best way to get decent exposures was using a tripod and cabled shutter release while shooting on 400 iso filmstock (didn’t want to use highspeed, the best part of fog is its subtle gradations. 1600 is just too grainy and noisy) with the aperature closed down halfway to lengthen the depth of field with the shutterspeed on “b” (or bulb, where the shutter remains open for as long as you hold it down) and exposing the film for anywhere around 3 to 20+ seconds.

That was shot using the 70-200 f/4 at 70mm, f/4, digital ISO 100 in aperture priority mode at -2/3 EV, for which the camera selected a 1-second exposure. Exposing properly was very difficult. Straight from the camera, it was too red and the black point was too high, but the final picture is simply the product of iPhoto’s “Enhance” button. I usually Command-Z it, but in this case, it worked very well.

The playground pictures (with Tiff in them) were mostly hand-held because they were more spontaneous, so I swapped the telephoto for the 50 1.4 wide open at ISO 800 and barely managed.