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Ben Gold:

Poor Marco. I know his is a picture of Jakob Lodwick, but on the right you can see some diet coke cans, a monitor, and a hand on half a keyboard. That’s where Marco works. He fucking stands up! I find this painful to comprehend. Apparently he doesn’t do it because he’s a masochist. He has some sort of back issue. Poor Marco, poor Marco.

Yes, I stand at work because of a herniated disc. My feet hurt for the first two weeks, then I got used to it. But I finished my back treatment and physical therapy months ago. I continue doing this not because I’m required to, but because it will reduce the chances of worsening the disc or having the most severe symptoms recur. It’s also generally nicer than sitting - I stay more alert, I burn more calories, I stay healthier, and my butt and thighs get more firm.

In other words: I choose to continue standing.

Don’t feel sorry for me. Try it. You might like it.