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Dear cable video networks and producers

I’m currently paying Cablevision almost $80/month for, essentially, this:

This is stupid. I’m on the verge of canceling my cable service because it’s stupid to pay that much money for the little use I get out of it. Plus, the Cablevision DVR is buggy and awful, and I hate even being inconvenienced by fast-forwarding through commercials (yet alone watching them if I’m unfortunate enough to be watching a live show).

I’m happy to pay to receive your content - but not $80/month for the other 200 channels I never watch. I’m even willing to pay your slightly high $2/show iTunes pricing for the convenience of portable, commercial-free shows (although they’re not cross-platform, and the resolution could be better).

But the selection of cable-network shows available on iTunes is terrible. It costs nearly nothing to distribute an already-produced show on iTunes. You’d even make money from it. Probably more than if I watch it on cable.

Get some deals together with Apple and get your shows up there!