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Many people post the same content in multiple places. For example, people frequently use Tumblr’s feed-import feature to copy Flickr photos, Delicious links, and Twitter messages to Tumblr. Often they’ll try to import entire blog posts, copied verbatim from their WordPress blogs.

Many applications and websites now boast the ability to simultaneously “blast” content to Tumblr, Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, IM networks, and whatever’s new this week.

It’s incredibly wasteful.

What happens to responses? Where does Google point? What if you need to edit or delete something you’ve broadcast to different sites?

Which site is “yours”? If you spew data all over the internet with no cohesion, do you have any particular online identity?

And what’s in it for the hosting sites if you’re blindly shoving data through their APIs and making them host your duplicated content indefinitely without really being a user of theirs?

I hope it’s a fad.