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Instapaper feedback positive so far

I’m getting unexpectedly great reactions to Instapaper. Reblog the original post and add your comments if you’d like!

Digit3: “Instapaper gets my second-born, since I already promised my first-born to Tumblr.”

Inky: “Creating an account on Instapaper is quicker than saving a bookmark on Saving a page for later is even quicker.”

Hannah: “Hurray for an internet application that helps you read more!”

Jakob Lodwick: “It’s worth signing up just to see the perfectly elegant handling of user accounts. ‘If you didn’t set a password, you don’t have one.’ Oh, Marco!”

Inky’s friend: “I can close tabs if I use this!”

Han: “I’m always trying to save items to read later. I usually forget about them, though. Not anymore!”

Ben Gold: “It’s like Delicious, but with Tumblr simplicity.”

Purzlbaum: “Oh, das ist wirklich cool.”