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Another hypothetical

It’s now nearly certain that the Democratic nomination will be decided by the super-delegates at the DNC, not by the primaries’ popular vote. I fear that this is likely to go to Hillary, since the Clintons have a lot of power within the party.

On Super Tuesday, after not seeing an Obama landslide, I proposed the hypothetical idea of Obama losing the nomination and running independently. People criticized that, saying that it would split the Democratic voters in the general election and the Republicans would win.

But what if such a party-splitting move happens on the other side, too? What if the rumors and speculation are true, and Michael Bloomberg is preparing to run as an independent? There are plenty of Republicans who really don’t like McCain or Huckabee, and would prefer the economic policies of Bloomberg. A great party split could happen: the economic conservatives could break away from the religious conservatives.

(If Huckabee isn’t McCain’s running mate, what if God calls on him to run independently? I considered this, but he and God don’t have enough money for a viable independent run.)

If the general election is between one Republican and two Democrats, the Democrats will lose, no question.

But what if it becomes a race between four viable candidates instead of two, plus an optional Nader slot?

Hillary (D), Obama (I), McCain (R), Bloomberg (I), and Ron Paul (N).

I’d love to see that. Having more viable candidates in the general election would do wonders to help the douche-and-turd problem.