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Ryan Adams nails Tumblr

He has since deleted the post, but it was here. Please don’t fan-mob him.

so, I just discovered this….but did you know, when you write things here, other people who write things here, they also read what you write, then sometimes they write about what you wrote, in the places they write.

I discovered this whole thing in the “dashboard” (i guess this is the windsheild of a very very isolated and lonely vehicle) …..where you see people who are “following” you….woah.

i looked at some of those people’s idea spaces or whatever.

pretty amazing.

my favorite was someone named Rach who somehow managed to get the most amazing picture of new york city to be in the space where on my blog it is just some neutral color or other.

And also someone who likes cupcakes and Iron Maiden.

It is kind of unsettling and strange and completely weird and awesome. I suppose it is okay seeing as these are just screens, and if you were to look down at this whole process from someplace above, you would just see very strange very isolated people rapping away on little microchip boxes,

not building bridges or furniture

not feeding bears or birds

not discovering new bodies of water or animals

not talking or being awkward

…maybe also if you went back in time and did the same thing, you would see very tired people coming in from tending to their crops or building houses sitting around their radio and staring at some strange box with a speaker

or hovering over tv trays of food, each food group in little tin boxes all in one tin tray, staring at a television, in silence, together,…..

all secretly wishing the autumn football game would go on forever,

so that they could enjoy each others company in silence

in the american version of meditation….forvere

and not have to say what is most painful but most true about life

which is that it is fleeting

and sometimes a pain paralyzes a person

and they must stay at home then

to collect themselves

in hopes of a springtime

that moves not only the green to go bright

but the soul to alight

I love the perception of Tumblr by new people, especially those less technical or less familiar with the web than us geeks.

Nice compliment to Rach’s theme in there, too.

I’m going to go back to my lonely vehicle and post on my idea space with my little microchip box because I hate water and birds.