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The mark of a bad search implementation… this is almost always 99% indicative of a naive implementation of search using MySQL FULLTEXT.

This is usually a sign of bad outsourced-overseas development and a company run by “business”-only people. I looked at their About page to find out, and found this gem as one of their “three goals”:

2) Making search results relevant: Since Viddler searches inside the content of videos, our users have a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding new material to watch. Search for any object, person, or place and the results will be staring you in the face with exactly what you wanted.

So how, exactly, am I supposed to find the many C4[1] videos? The stupid FULLTEXT search doesn’t work.

The only way I found was to click the c41 tag on one of the videos I actually knew about — but only after being frustrated, giving up, and starting to write this post. Nobody except geeks knows what “tags” are… that’s not a solution.

Search is a critical navigation element. Don’t slack on it.