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Lauren Farmer:

Just got back from my afternoon trip to ‘bucks (see yesterday). I’m not sure what is going on, but I don’t like it. Every day for the last year we’ve curved the line around the rope/divider, inside. Today is the 2nd day the masses have decided to forgo the clear divider and take the line directly out the door, into oncoming pedestrian traffic on 42nd St. Why? It’s so organized on the inside. Why are we doing this? We know how it’s been done. It worked that way. Just because it’s nice weather, doesn’t mean we should take it outside and wreak havoc on the sidewalk. I turned to the lady behind me and said “this isn’t right.” She didn’t care.

I drew a diagram to better illustrate my point.

I love this. This is exactly the kind of everyday minutia that I think about all the time.