I’m : a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast.

Weird things about me

I’m a geek, but I don’t like sushi, anime, comic books, or Star Trek.

I don’t like fantasy or RPGs, so I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, and I’ve never played Final Fantasy or any MMORPG. People tell me I’ll like them anyway because they’re so good. Trust me, I won’t. I understand that they’re probably good to you and many other people, but I don’t enjoy that sort of thing.

I dislike NetNewsWire, VLC, Twitter, Emacs, Java, and desktop Linux.

I have no use for Facebook.

I rarely watch YouTube videos. I’m too impatient to watch videos on my computer. If I can’t watch it on my TV or my iPhone, I probably won’t watch it.

I have a Wii but never play it.

I have GTA IV, but I’m not motivated to play it. The single-player campaign is too slow. I’m having more fun with Guitar Hero III.

The vast majority of my music collection is from 1996-2002 (although I’m trying to improve it).

I don’t like Dave Matthews Band or Radiohead. And I dislike shuffle mode — I primarily enjoy listening to full albums at once.

I don’t like “hard” music. A friend recently explained its appeal as a way to relate to his inner anger. I don’t have any inner anger. I’m happy. My life is awesome.

I don’t drink soda or soda-like drinks (canned lemonade, Snapple, etc.), finding them far too sweet. I also dislike “energy” drinks. My energy drink of choice is black coffee, but I can only drink about 6 ounces per day because the caffeine hits me too hard if I drink more. I don’t know how anyone can drink the medium or large sizes at most coffee places. If I drank a medium coffee from Starbucks, I’d be jittery, hot, and sick for 12-18 hours.

I don’t feel the need to risk my life to conquer manufactured challenges such as climbing mountains or falling out of planes. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything — in fact, I’d be bored if I did these things, and I wouldn’t get any enjoyment or satisfaction out of them.

I’ve never used PowerPoint.

I dislike most bars and clubs because I like to see and hear people effectively.

I like to be home by 10 PM and in bed by 12:30, even on weekends. I don’t like changing my sleep schedule on weekends, so I set my alarm, even when I have no morning obligations.

I never wear jeans. I’m always more comfortable in khakis. I also rarely wear long-sleeved shirts, even in the winter, because they make me too hot.

I didn’t get a cellphone until 2004 and didn’t use text-messaging until 2007.