I’m : a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast.

I’m now officially launching Give Me Something To Read: an Instapaper feature, and a standalone site, featuring some popular articles every weekday that Instapaper users saved for reading later.

These articles are hand-picked for interesting medium- and long-form reading, like good magazine articles. They’re also usually optimized for mobile reading.

Like saved articles on Instapaper, the Text button on each article shows a mobile-optimized, text-only version. While it works on most mobile devices, it’s especially designed for ideal font rendering and readability on the iPhone.

When you’re logged into Instapaper, each article gets a 1-click Read Later button (as pictured). But you don’t need to be an Instapaper member to use the other functionality.

Give Me Something To Read is a Tumblr-powered tumblelog, so you can choose to follow it with Tumblr, or you can subscribe to its RSS feed.

I’d love feedback.