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lowercase vs. Uppercase.


i don’t capitalize because there’s no reason to. grammar, schmrammar. i was an english major for two years which means i have creative license. […] also, the source css for my tumblr includes a “text-transform: lowercase” element because i like the way that it looks, having everything in lowercase. it’s an aesthetic choice that doesn’t compromise the functionality of language.

You can write however you want. I don’t care. (Also, I think your statement about having creative license because you partially completed an English degree is stupid.)

But recognize what you’re saying. All-lowercase writing expresses additional meaning that you may not intend:

Capital letters, punctuation, and grammar exist to help codify ideas and clarify communication. Using proper case isn’t elitist or arrogant: it shows that I care about the appearance, mechanics, and legibility of my text. I feel that choosing a highly legible font, such as 16px Georgia instead of 24px pink Comic Sans, is also important for the same reason: I care.

You’re effectively saying that you don’t.

That’s fine. You can write however you want. But don’t imply that I wrote in your style.