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[…] here’s the deal with the Sprint: some allotment of anytime minutes, along with unlimited data and weekend/night minutes, for $30. It’s some sort of referral system that one of my friends is in.

It’s called SERO: Sprint Employee Referral Offer. It’s Sprint’s desperate effort to attract subscribers because they’ve been bleeding profusely for years. Anyone can get it: go here and enter “” as the employee email address.

I used it for a month, wasn’t satisfied, returned it, and went back to paying Verizon $55/month on a crappy old phone for a few months before getting an iPhone.

[…] BTW, I’m also considering the implications that Sprint flat-out sucks.

It does. More than you can imagine.

But with complaints for every carrier, you’d think they all suck.

They do, to varying degrees.

AT&T sucks far less than I expected, and the iPhone is the best device on the market. I’m very happy with my decision.