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Text-Link-Ads… isn’t good

I use Text Link Ads on (upper-left, below the header: “Ads:”).

Their ads are so crappy that I’ve actually been running a fake ad for Senduit next to the two real ones (“ring tones” and “Data Recovery”) just so my site looks somewhat legitimate. I also edited their PHP code to capitalize the first word, at least (“ring tones” => “Ring tones”), and use a <ul> for the ads instead of a bunch of <div>s.

This is almost certainly against their terms of service, but I don’t really care if they kick me out of their dumb ad network. I get $40.39/month from it, so it’s kinda nice since I don’t have to do anything and they hardly take up any space, but the ads are pretty crappy. The funny thing is that I can’t even figure out how to remove my site from their service. There isn’t a “delete site” link anywhere in the control panel.

And tonight, their recent payment check to me was returned by my bank. Their bank refused payment. Awesome.

Great job, Text Link Ads!

Has anyone else recently had a Text Link Ads check bounce?