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App Store impressions so far

I really need demos of the paid applications, or “light” free versions, before I’m going to feel comfortable buying most of them.

Too many of the applications aren’t solving a particular need — they were made simply because they were possible, not because they were useful.

Many apps are shockingly bad or useless. Some could be made from scratch in 30 minutes. It’s clear that Apple is not filtering for quality.

Many apps are abusing or ignoring the interface standards:

What bothers me the most is that so many apps are simply unnecessary front-ends to websites, such as the slick New York Times app (which consumes a huge chunk of the reading space with a banner ad), the laughable Bank of America app (which is basically a WebKit widget showing their mobile website with a red title bar), and the Google search app (which does the same thing as their iPhone web interface). This category of store entries didn’t need to be apps at all — and being an app doesn’t add much value to them. You might as well use Safari.

I want to see more apps doing things and enabling uses that weren’t possible to do well, if at all, using Safari. That’s the result I expected from the pent-up SDK demand. There are some great ones already available, but certainly not the bulk of the 500 apps launched today.