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Gotta give Rackspace credit

…for an impressive ability to keep screwing stuff up, even after we’ve moved our entire infrastructure to another host — except one server.

Rackspace: A drive died in the RAID array. he;lp

Me: OK, doesn’t this support hot-swap? Just replace the disk. We’ll tolerate the reduced disk performance during the rebuild.

Rackspace: Yes, you won’t have any downtime because this supports hot-swap.


Rackspace: OK, we replaced it, but we had to install a new driver, and we need to reboot the machine to complete the installation.

Me: Uh… why? (checks RAID status) The controller reports that everything’s rebuilt, online, and optimal with zero errors.

Rackspace, direct quotes now: “Yes, everything is up and operational, but the new drivers that were installed will not be effective until a reboot is performed.”

Me: “If everything is rebuilt and working perfectly well now without doing a reboot, why did we need the drivers to be updated? What will be different after the reboot?”

Rackspace: “I looked over the previous technicians information and from what you and I see it does look like it will be fine to continue running without a reboot.”

We used to pay an $500/month/server premium for this “service”.