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The Scoop Clip from Pampered Chef is a simple but useful multi-tool that works as both a freshness clip and tablespoon and teaspoon measuring tool.

It may seem a little silly, but if $5 means you don’t have to fumble bleary-eyed through your drawers for your tablespoon and your coffee’s going to be that much fresher, it’s not a bad buy. (via Lifehacker)

One for coffee loving Marco perhaps?

It’s a cute idea, but it’s flawed: the chances that your coffee bag will really be airtight after a few openings and closings are pretty slim, no matter how hard you clamp the top rolled-up part.

I solve this problem pretty easily: I keep the beans in a big ceramic airtight pressure-lid jar, and I toss the scooper in with them. So the scooper’s always with the beans.