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Birthday Ode to Lauren!



I’ve never been one to request the reblog power of Tumblr but today is an outright exception. Today is Lauren’s (lfarm) birthday and what better e-present than some tumblr love! I’ll get things started and reblog your ode below it. For you Lauren:

Roses are red
Sometimes I stink
Its your birthday so someone better buy you a drink!

(continue ode here)

Happy birthday to you,
the one who comes from the land of the kangaroos!
You make me always laugh and smile,
With your bad-ass Aussie-HBO style,
You’re kind and you’re funny, witty, and so totally NOT lame,
You’re the type of friend where you know it will be a blast—whether it is a dinner or a joke or a drink or a game,
You are anti-drama and pro-good natured fun,
And that is why you, lfarm, are my #1!
(ps:It does make me jealous that you have wayyyy more followers than me,
But that’s ok, I’ll catch up one day, you’ll see!
Ha! LoVe Ya!)

Happy birthday to you,
AOL owns those lyrics,
I can’t rhyme,
Happy birthday!