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rain plan!!!! : House of Brews on 51st + 8th


It doesn’t look like the rain, rain is going to go away. It is a bummer but we have to pass on Frying Pan bc it looks like the tropical thunder is headed our way! No worries, we will head there next time (next week maybe?)

We are going instead to House of Brews:
‎302 W 51st St at 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10019 541-7080
Subway Stop‎: 1 at 50th St., C, E at 50th St.
They have reserved a cool little lounge-couch filled room for us UPSTAIRS and they have good food and shitloads of beers.
Look forward to seeing everyone tonight, please reblog and spread the word.

Thanks for the rain plan. See you there.