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Dear Something Awful Forums,

I’ve been a member since 2002. I was a member of other vBulletin and UBB forums for 4 years before that. I’ve never had my passwords guessed, stolen, hacked, phished, or otherwise discovered.

This (relatively) recent password policy is completely ridiculous. You are an internet humor discussion forum. You are not the NSA.

This discourages me from returning. I want to keep loving the SA Forums, but I don’t have time to visit constantly like I used to. When I come back every few months and want to browse around and maybe reply here and there, forcing me to choose yet another 12-character all-symbol password since my last one expired is a very bad way to welcome me back.

Draconian password requirements like yours only encourage Post-It-note security. And you’re smart enough to know better than to force your users to do that.