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Don’t use the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

After a few more days of use, this mouse is even worse than I originally thought:

It’s still very new to me, but I’m not seeing the ergonomic benefit. Its immense size requires me to exert more effort just to move it and keep it stable enough to achieve high precision. I can’t find a good mouse speed — achieving high enough precision requires me to slow it down so much that I have to pick it up and scoot it back more often. And I still miss targets, so I spend more time using the mouse because I have to move the pointer slowly and for longer durations.

All of this results in more mouse movement, so even if it’s at a great hand-angle for ergonomics, the other factors outweigh this benefit.

I love the wireless keyboard: a wireless Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 (you have to be kidding me with these product names, Microsoft). But that’s the only reason to get the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000. Skip this terrible mouse.

(My MX Revolutions are on their way.)