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I know — that’s why I’ll hold onto this radio as long as I can. It came out right before the FCC decreased the transmit-power limit on consumer FM transmitters and sued XM and Sirius for violating it.

My trusty Starmate Replay broadcasts Sirius solidly throughout my entire building (and pretty far into the parking lot across the street) on 88.1 FM. Everyone in the area can tune to 88.1 and wonder why Howard Stern is on the air on this peculiar “station”.

This is the only FM transmitter I’ve ever used that doesn’t suck. It’s the only one that can provide a static-free signal to a radio within a few feet of it — it’s just an added bonus that “a few” in this case means about 50. (Yes, I’ve tried using different frequencies with the crappy transmitters.)

Transmitters made after this one are all dramatically weaker. Ever used one of the iPod FM transmitters? They’re all completely worthless. You can’t even get a clear signal with the radio 8 inches away.

My only complaint about my Starmate Replay is that it doesn’t have a line-in jack so I can use its FM transmitter with other inputs.