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Then why the hell does everyone seem to be worried that he may win the election?

Because he’s polling very well, despite his campaign’s massive failings and missteps.

Because we definitely didn’t get a fair, legal, valid election in 2000, and it looks like we didn’t get one in 2004 either (Diebold, Ohio, etc.), and yet the message from both the media and the majority of the population has been “Shut up, accept it, and move on.” We haven’t had a democracy in 8 years.

Because we currently face more domestic issues than we have in my lifetime, but a very large voting block is basing their presidential vote on stupid shit such as whether the candidate opposes abortion and gay marriage, despite 8 years of having a candidate believing exactly what they wanted without anything changing on either front.

Because he’s on the wrong side of nearly every issue that has caused the majority of the problems we have today.

And most of all, because he’s a privileged, arrogant, easily corruptable asshole. We’ve had one of those in office for 8 years already, and there’s even a chance he was elected to that position the second time.

So forgive me if I don’t trust the population of the United States to make a good decision.