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No more meetings at Starbucks


Check out Les Halles.

That’s right below our office. We’ve only eaten there once (when Pownce came to visit us) because it’s relatively expensive and we usually get take-out from delis.

The menu is very French and confused us.

Waiter: (taking our order)
David: Do you have anything like a cheeseburger?
Waiter: (points to a $20 foie-gras hamburger)
David: Can I have that, but without the foie gras, and with mozzarella cheese?
Waiter: (looks annoyed) We only have gruyere.
David: OK, one of those.
Me: Make that two.
Pownce people: We’ll just have some fries.

It was the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had.