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Mario Kart Wii

(I know I’m late to this party.)

I’ve never played Double Dash or the DS versions — the last game I played in this series was (the excellent) Mario Kart 64.

First impressions:

And, while this is unrelated to Mario Kart specifically, it’s worth saying: the Wii’s graphics, limited to 480p over component video, look horrible on a 42” plasma — especially after playing an Xbox 360 over HDMI for a few months. I know that graphics weren’t the focus of the console’s design, but at least give me 720p over a digital interface so I can have sharp text, greater brightness range, and fewer wires (I love HDMI for that). The Wii’s low resolution is embarrassing in 2008, especially for a system that still costs $250 and is still in short supply.

Anyway, Mario Kart seems good so far. It will get better as I figure it out and get used to the mechanics.