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Things that make me feel like we’re missing the point of modern technology

  1. Having to insert a different plastic disc for every different console game.
  2. Having to drive to a store to acquire these plastic discs (or have them delivered on a truck, in a box, from a far-away warehouse).
  3. Having to store the plastic discs and their giant plastic cases on a shelf somewhere.
  4. Having to purchase a new game license if the plastic disc is lost or scratched, which could happen a lot since I have to keep inserting and removing it.

Steam has the right idea here: just let me pay you with a credit card and download the game onto my computer’s (or Xbox’s) hard drive, and tie it to my account so I can download and play the games I’ve purchased on any compatible hardware without having to keep and swap stupid plastic discs and sit through slow disc load times and copy-protection checks.