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My favorite dysfunctional review so far:

Very unreliable ★★
by neddo12345

When it works it’s nice but it often sits and does nothing. I just finished a trip from NC to CT and about half the time even when sitting still with good GPS location and 5 bars 3G signals when I press the Instamapper icon, it sits there saying loading. The iPhone meanwhile is showing perfect location within 10 feet.

I was worried that Instapaper’s GPS functionality (?) might be broken until I realized that this isn’t a review of Instapaper at all — it’s a review of InstaMapper GPS Tracker. “InstaMapper” is close enough to “Instapaper” that they show up for each other’s search queries.

InstaMapper GPS Tracker, however, has my favorite App Store review ever:

Omg ★★★★★
by Nutshanglow

This app is so great that I wanted to rub one out as it was installing.