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Guide to bar soap


I recently switched back to bar soap, after hearing about all this stuff about the ingredients in the newly popular liquid soaps… you know, the ones you use with the loofahs. I’m slightly skeptical about the environmental impact that others are talking about (namely, that ocean life is dying as a result of ingesting the chemicals), but what the hey, I don’t mind slathering myself with scented lard. I’ll continue looking into this at some point.

Anyway, the one thing I really enjoyed about bailing on bar soap was what I affectionately call “soggy soap”. It doesn’t really make sense, and I’m sure you could call it shriveled, scraps, whatever. It’s that crappy soap that’s left over when you wear it down to the core. It looks useless, time to just chuck it out, but nonetheless, I painfully continue wearing it down until there’s nothing left. Cleaning myself was once a shore, yet today, it was… more of a chore.

They never feature that part on the Irish Springs commercials.

I’m a bar-soap guy. Welcome back. Some rules:

  1. Once it gets too small to hold or starts splitting, throw it away and get a new bar. It’s not worth the hassle.
  2. Keep it on a wire-rack-style holder, not in a dish or on a solid-bottomed platform. And keep it out of the shower head’s drip path.
  3. I don’t know why everyone loves Irish Spring so much. I find the scent overwhelming (and bad), and it doesn’t wash off very easily (leaving that “soap residue” feeling). I like the Dove exfoliating bar in the light-blue-themed package. It washes off much better, leaves no residue, and has a much more subtle scent (it just smells “clean”).