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Wow, it doesn’t!

somethingtodoaftertheporn, regarding this:

David Karp, you a genius.

He is, but that was my feature. My email importer tries to detect and remove signatures, corporate notices, Hotmail ads, and other common automatically-added email footers (“Sent from my BlackBerry”, etc.). The success rate is pretty good — in fact, I don’t think anyone has ever noticed this feature enough to say anything about it until now. And if you don’t notice a feature like this, it’s doing its job perfectly.

For photo emails, subject lines are also processed (since they’re used for the photo’s caption) to avoid carrier messages such as “You have received a new PIX-FLIX message from Verizon Wireless”, or the much worse ones that include your phone number.

Whenever it’s reasonably possible, we try to avoid letting your tumblelog or its content inadvertently look crappy.