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Here’s a preview of an upcoming update to Instapaper Pro. Two big changes:

The top navigation bar is gone. This gives 12% more readable area. The font picker moved into the action menu, but I’m still playing with where to place the Text/Web toggle.

I tried truly using black mode a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t as good as I wanted. There was still too much contrast, and the interface was still too bright to be used comfortably in a very dark environment (at night, in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere).

The updated black mode is significantly more readable by using a not-quite-black background and not-quite-white text, significantly decreasing the sharp contrast on the letter edges that usually makes black-background websites hard to read. The toolbar and status bar are also tinted black to match the text.

Oh, and I’ve fixed the rotate-scroll-to-top bug for this upcoming update as well.

I don’t have an ETA for this update yet. It will probably need to happen after my wedding and honeymoon, so expect it around mid-October.