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An umbrella doesn’t really help most of the time. You have to remember to bring it with you, but any umbrella with reasonable coverage is too large to carry conveniently. If it’s not raining perfectly straight down, or if you’re walking, or if the ground is already very wet, or if anyone else with an umbrella is nearby, your bottom half is going to get wet anyway. Then you have to continue carrying this wet umbrella throughout your day, trying to find a place to put it where it can harmlessly drip, until you forget to bring it home and have to buy another umbrella.

I lost my last umbrella about 6 months ago. I decided not to replace it immediately — rather, I’d just see how long I could go without one.

I still haven’t replaced it. I haven’t needed one.

Yes, I’ve been rained on occasionally since then. But it didn’t really matter. I just walked quickly.

Try it.