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Is this what Hillary Clinton meant when she said she’d be “more electable”?

The Republicans have “won” the last two elections by heavily cheating, lying, and breaking the law. Gore and Kerry lost in part because they let the Republicans’ dirty tactics walk all over them.

John McCain’s campaign is heavily cheating and lying. And probably breaking the law. And it’s working again. While he’s significantly behind in reputable polls, especially in the electoral college, there’s no strong reason to suspect that he won’t be the next President. Even if more people vote for Obama, they’ll find ways to make sure that key votes don’t count. And there’s no reason to believe that the Democrats won’t once again sit back and do nothing.

I have yet to see a single instance of the Obama campaign cheating, lying, or breaking the law. They’re intentionally staying above that. But can they win without sinking to the Republicans’ level?

If one player is cheating, can anyone else ever win without cheating?