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The second Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

Via John Gruber:

I don’t get it.

Neither do I. I still have no idea what this is supposed to communicate. It seems to be saying that Gates and Seinfeld are completely out-of-touch with reality, and they’re trying to connect with normal people again. This implies that Microsoft hasn’t been connecting with normal people for a while and it’s something they need to work on. (Which is probably true.) But then the slogan at the end says that Microsoft is good at connecting people.

Apple’s commercials are full of direct comparisons to Windows PCs and reasons why Macs are good. The iPhone commercials are even better: they just show the product’s real interface doing real tasks. It’s telling that Microsoft isn’t discussing, showing, or even mentioning their products at all in these new commercials that are supposedly the “answer” to the Apple ads.

But they’re just confusing. I can’t imagine that Microsoft is accomplishing… whatever it is they were trying to accomplish.

The real message here seems to be, “We have no idea what we’re doing.”

And that’s certainly coming through clearly.