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At least Wii Fit is good.

I’m trying to find some fun Wii games to play with my groomsmen in our hotel, but can’t find any that get very solid recommendations that we’d actually enjoy except Mario Kart. The Wii game library, though, is pathetic. Nearly everything that could have been good is ruined by bad controls or being a half-assed port from other systems. And even among what’s decent, most of it is too Super Happy Japanese Fun Yay for my taste. It’s really not a very good gaming system for people who like to race cars and blow stuff up. (Or for single-player anything except Wii Fit.)

So I might just bring up the 360, despite its larger size and weight. Any recommendations for games for a bunch of guys in their mid-20s who haven’t played games recently but used to enjoy racing and blowing each other up?