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Religions I respect for strange reasons

Judaism: There’s no sales pitch. No recruiting team. Nobody spamming me in the subway, coming to my door, or yelling at me on the street. If I want to learn anything about Judaism, I can just ask the many Jewish people I know. They’ve always been happy to answer my questions (often with refreshingly sensible explanations), but if you don’t ask, you’re never bothered or inconvenienced by their religion. They’re comfortable enough in their beliefs that they don’t need to nag or argue with people who disagree or don’t care. That’s very respectable.

Mormonism: I know almost nothing about their beliefs, and what little I’ve heard seems incredibly strange to me. But every Mormon I’ve ever met has been incredibly nice, smart, sociable, and talented — moreso by ratio than any other religion. I can’t deny results. Whatever’s going on there, they’re doing something right.