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Re: At least Wii Fit is good.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for modern party-gaming suggestions. I’m about to leave town with all of this stuff for the Great Pre-Wedding Week of Errands. Here’s what I ended up with:

I’m bringing the 360 instead of the Wii. I’ll have 4 wireless controllers with 4 rechargeable battery packs, one double-charger, one charging cable, all of those little two-AA battery clips, and a pack of cheap IKEA batteries. (I want to be prepared. You have no idea how little there is to do up there at night.)


Still want, but probably can’t get in time:

And if we’re all too tired or drunk to drive, fly, and shoot, I’ll make my best man play Braid and laugh my ass off as he gets frustrated.

Overall, this is much better than the Wii version would have been:

I’m happy with my decision. And it forced me to actually investigate the 360’s game library for the first time since buying it a few months ago for media center roles, Worms, and Guitar Hero.

Overall, I’ve been surprised by three things: