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Timelessness and the value of content

Editing the submission queue for Give Me Something To Read has reinforced my increasing realization that hardly any professional-content sites (news sites, high-profile blogs, etc.) actually have anything to say of lasting value.

Two weeks of submissions accumulated during my vacation (over 600 links). Normally, I put 4-6 articles per weekday on GMSTR, and I try to be very picky, so I should have a buildup of 40-60 great articles in these submissions. But many of them are time-sensitive, so their value two weeks later is greatly diminished. I’ll probably end up getting around 25 good picks, but there’s a lot of subject-matter repetition within my picks so far, having pruned through about half of the queue.

The internet and blogs are great platforms to deliver news and related commentary. But can’t we find more to say that will still matter in two weeks, two years, or two decades? I’m going to try.