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Ars Technica reviews the 2008 MacBook Pro

Excellent, in-depth review of the new 15” MacBook Pro. Some reactions:

I would have liked to see more consideration of the 13” vs. the 15” in the review. Now that the 13” is more expensive and there are fewer differences from the 15”, a lot of people are going to have a hard time deciding which size to get. Hopefully Ars will consider writing an in-depth article contrasting the two and why people should buy each one.

Overall, the 15” certainly looks like a great machine for people who want something in the typical 15” size and weight range. Ultimately, though, I wish it weren’t so big and heavy, and I’m disappointed by the battery life. My 15” PowerBook G4 in 2004 was approximately the same weight and footprint with about the same battery life. The newly reduced thickness is nice, but the footprint has increased. The whole machine still feels like a boat.

I’d love to see Apple sacrifice some clock speed and video performance in favor of a bigger battery, or reduce much of the need for a 15” laptop at all by increasing the resolution of the 13” screens to 1440x900 (and pushing the 15” up to 1680x1050).

Because of the mediocre size and battery life, this isn’t the ultimate laptop. But it’s still a very nice choice, especially if it will be your primary or only computer and you won’t be carrying it around every day.