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MTV Bleeps File Sharing Software Out Of Music Videos:

MTV’s new video hosting site is apparently bleeping out the names of file sharing sites in Weird Al Yankovic’s famous 2006 song “Don’t Download This Song.” The opening verse to the song goes as follows: <br/><br/> Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge<br/> To break international copyright law<br/> By downloading MP3s from file-sharing sites<br/> Like Morpheus or Grokster or Limewire or KaZaA <br/><br/> Yet, in that new MTV version, the last line is “Like BLEEP or BLEEP or BLEEP or BLEEP” rather than naming the four file sharing programs.

(via artistspaid)

This is hilarious to hear, actually. It completely catches you off guard. (It’s right at the beginning, starting at 00:30.)