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The internet saves the day again

My local mediocre grocery monopoly recently stopped selling toffee bits for baking into my favorite cookies (recipe: make Tollhouse cookies, but in addition to the chocolate chips, add one bag of the Heath or Skor toffee bits from the baking aisle, usually next to the chocolate chips — but don’t get the kind covered in chocolate too, because then there’s too much chocolate).

Given the sad and corrupt state of the grocery industry, this isn’t a big surprise. Good items get pulled from the shelves all the time by various bullshit business deals. It doesn’t hurt Hershey’s — it just hurts me, because I can’t have toffee cookies.

Fortunately, Amazon came to the rescue. With Amazon Prime, I ordered these with $4 overnight shipping. It even comes out to the same price as the grocery store — about $2.50 per bag. The only catch is that I had to order 12 bags. (Oh well, I guess I’ll have a lot of cookies.)

I’m amused that Amazon is overnighting me a huge box of toffee chips.